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Funfest for Air Cooled VW 201921st Annual

2900 North 3rd StreetEffingham, IL62401

2.5.2019Kid’s Zone and Other Fun-filled Events for All Ages

VW, Funfest, 2019, Herbie, Theme, Kid It’s still early, and we are still in the planning stages for our Kids Zone and other Activities/Games designed for adults as well.

Some of our ideas include the following: a possible Hula Hoop contest with age groups; Treasure Hunt; Bigger and Better Low-Speed Slalom; Face Painting; Magic acts; Tye Dye shirts; Low Car Limbo; Fan Belt Toss (Ring Toss with a fan belt); Best Model car contest; and a Frozen T-shirt Block Breaking contest (a race to be the first to break or de-ice a T-shirt frozen in ice); and Junk Yard Parts ID (For the kids to identify the parts). 

Bring your family, and come prepared to have the time of your life!  Mid America’s Motorworks has planned this year’s “Celebrating 50 Years of Herbie” event for you and your family to enjoy!  Come, sit back and relax with us as we celebrate Herbie’s 50 years in the movies!  A special thank you to you, our customers, for your loyalty to our business.


2.1.2019People’s Choice Awards Bring Judging Contest to Our Customers

VW, Funfest, 2019, Judging, Awards, People

People’s Choice Awards. It’s a growing trend throughout the industry.

Mid America Motorworks is excited to announce People’s Choice Awards will be replacing our Celebrity Choice Awards during the 2019 Funfest for Air-Cooled VW.

We have three TOTALLY AWESOME Top Prizes this year including one $500 and two $250 Mid America Motorworks Gift Cards.

Be prepared to critique some of the best VWs from across the country.  Upon arrival, register in the Fun Dome and receive your ballot.  Mid America Motorworks' staffers will be on hand to assist you in turning in your selections.  Here’s the scoop on some of the hottest categories in the competition:

·         People's Choice - Best of Show, $500 Mid America Motorworks Gift Card

·         People’s Choice - Best Campsite $250 Mid America Motorworks Gift Card

·         People’s Choice - Best Restoration*

·         People’s Choice - Best Interior*

·         People’s Choice - Best Herbie*

·         People’s Choice - Best Paint Job*

·         Peoples Choice - Best Theme* (i.e. baseballs, flower pots, giant bugs, and more.)

·         People’s Choice - Best Dune Buggy*

·         People’s Choice - Best Engine*

*All winners from these categories will be entered into a contest to win a $250 Mid America Motorworks gift card.

All award winners will be announced during the Saturday evening Open Mic Night.  Must be registered to be eligible for judging.

2.1.2019FREE Space, Say What?

VW, Funfest, 2019, Swappers, Swap Meet, Swap Space Who said nothing in life is FREE?

One of the most important aspects during our Funfest for Air-Cooled VW is our Swap Meet area, and this year, we are pleased to offer the first 40 Registered Swappers, Free Swap Space.

Our Swap Meet area allows Swappers to sell used toys, literature, parts, and other automotive related items. Registered swappers receive a 20’ x 15’ space to sell, trade or swap their automotive parts, accessories and memorabilia. This event is open to all brands!

Register early to secure your FREE Space and indulge in our free on-site camping as well!

Call 800.500.1500 to reserve your SWAP space before they sell out!

2.1.20192019 Air-Cooled VW Theme 'Celebrating 50 Years of Herbie'

VW, Funfest, 2019, Herbie, Theme

As a proud owner of one of the first “Herbie Fully Loaded” movie Volkswagen Beetles sold by Disney, Mid America Motorworks is excited to announce its 2019 Air-Cooled VW Funfest theme, “Celebrating 50 Years of Herbie.”

This 50th birthday celebration is planned for June 7-9, 2019 on Mid America Motorworks’ 150-acre campus in Effingham, Ill.  Inventor of the Dune Buggy Bruce Meyers will be on-site. You won’t want to miss this year’s celebration!

A new highlight this year is the addition of People’s Choice Awards. Come be a part of this new and exciting trend that allows our customers to be the judge!  With awards such as Best Herbie, Best Dune Buggy, Best of Show, and more, this year’s customer appreciation event is sure to please.

If you have a special talent you would like to share, come participate in this year’s newest attraction Saturday's Open Mic Night.  Sing your heart out, get your groove on, lip sync, or share whatever talent you have! We welcome you to our stage as we are looking forward to an exciting night full of entertaining acts.

Swappers get ready! Here’s the scoop… the first 40 SWAP meet registrants will receive their rental space for FREE.  Reserve your SWAP Space today by calling 800.500.1500. 

Also, a wealth of family and kid-friendly activities will keep you and your family entertained.  Make time for family, and come enjoy the Funfest for Air-Cooled VW on our campus.  There is something for everyone!

This magnificent event isn’t restricted to the Air-Cooled VW enthusiasts but is also available to the Jetta, Golf, and Water-Cooled VW community as well. 

Mark your calendars so you do not miss, this weekend of fun.  See you June 7-9th!


2.1.2019Submit Your Nominations for Passing on the Passion and Platinum Bug Awards

Funfest, Volkswagen, VW, beetle, bug, Award, Passing, Passion, Platinum Many awards are given out at Funfest for Air-Cooled VWs each year, but perhaps the most distinct awards that we give out each year are the Passing on the Passion and Platinum Bug awards. 

The Passing on the Passion Award recognizes families that share the VW hobby from one generation to the next.The Platinum Bug Award recognizes an individual who has shown long-term dedication to the preservation and promotion of the classic Volkswagen hobby for future generations.

Do you know someone that fits either of these descriptions? We would love to hear from you! Nominations for both awards can be submitted via Email.  Winner's will be announced during Opening Ceremonies on Saturday, June 8, 2019.


6.1.2018Take flight in a Huey Helicopter during Funfest for Air-Cooled VW!

Funfest, VW, Volkswagen, Air-Cooled, Vet Fest, Veterans, Huey, Helicopter Take flight in a #Huey Helicopter during Funfest for Air-Cooled VW and Vet Fest2018 at the Mid America Motorworks Corporate Campus in Effingham, IL, June 15-17, 2018!

In addition to celebrating the Volkswagen hobby on the Mid America Motorworks Corporate Campus, we are also welcoming a Veterans Festival - Vet Fest 2018. As part of Vet Fest 2018, Funfest guests will have to opportunity to take flight in a Huey Helicopter!

Passenger rides will be available for $50 per person or Co-Pilot rides for $75 per person.

Join us in Effingham, IL June 15-17 to check out Funfest for Air-Cooled VW and Vet Fest 2018. The whole family will love checking out the classic Volkswagens, 80% Scale Vietnam Memorial Wall, bounce houses, interactive displays, presentations, live music and more!

To learn more about Vet Fest 2018 Click Here